ProsFit’s Digital Solution for Prosthetics:

ProsFit’s scan to print solution radically improves the process to design, manufacture and fit custom-made sockets.


ProsFit’s Digital Solution:

  • is highly scalable
  • is easy to roll-out
  • involves low capital costs
  • allows higher productivity
  • enables better quality consistency
  • enables improved outcomes


+ PandoFit Software is used for the design and order of prosthetic sockets, and prosthetic connectors.

+ ProsFit Optimal prosthetic sockets are regulated (EU, AUS) for limb wearers up to 125kg, and fit with connectors also regulated to 125kg.

+ PandoFit Software is now available with a flexible subscription via PandoFit Cloud


Where do I start?

Taken from our Support website:


  1. You must be a CPO
  2. Please check that you meet the Technical Requirements
  3. Please purchase a suitable scanner and scanning software


Getting set up

  1. Access Training materials for free in the Preview account – see PandoFit Cloud
  2. Sign up for a Professional or Team Subscription with PandoFit Cloud
  3. Read this: Getting started with a Cloud WorkSpace


Get started

  1. Use PandoFit to design your first ProsFit socket
  2. Send the Order -> I sent the Order; what happens now?



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Medical Devices

+ ProsFit is an EU-based manufacturer of medical devices, in compliance with EC Directive 93/42/EEC.

+ ProsFit medical devices are compliant and regulated in Europe and Australia, and subject to ISO certification.

+ Medical devices include ProsFit Sockets and ProsFit Connectors.


World-wide capacity

+ ProsFit has a solution that could be used to fit 20m amputees globally.

+ To enable this we have set up network of approved manufacturers around the world.

+ This network is now being extended through cooperation with HP.




ProsFit: How we got here:

+ ProsFit was founded in 2013 by Alan Hutchison and Christopher Hutchison

+ ProsFit have grown a great team

+ We have “achieved a lot” since 2013:


We look forward to hearing from you, you are always welcome to Contact Us or directly Get Started

Thank you.

– The ProsFit Team

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